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摘要: PRACTICE 9Vocabulary (25 marks)Choose the most suitable answer and write its number in the brackets provided. (10*1=10 marks) ( ) 1. Files and rats are househ


Vocabulary (25 marks)

Choose the most suitable answer and write its number in the brackets provided. (10*1=10 marks) 

pk10开奖记录( ) 1. Files and rats are household _________.

    A。 pets     B。 pests     C。 friends    D。 insects

( ) 2. Patrick and John are having a drink at the __________.

    A. bookshop   B. stadium    C. cafeteria   D. market

( ) 3. The labourers wear _________ to protect their heads.

    A. helmets    B. raincoats   C. caps     D. scarves

( ) 4. The soles of my shoes need to be mended.

pk10开奖记录    A. plumber    B. chef     C. cobbler    D. hawker

( ) 5. Father expects us to be _________ and to listen to what he says.

    A. obedient   B. naughty    C. wilful    D. drowsy

( ) 6. That building is undergoing major _________.

    A. renovation  B. tearing    C. rebuilding  D. decoration

( ) 7. The _________ in the rubbish dump smells.

    A. garage    B. garbage    C. baggage    D. cabbage

( ) 8. The soldiers marched ___________ in the parade.

    A. shyly     B. timidly    C. smartly    D. bravely

( ) 9。 The monkeys __________ incessantly。

    A. chatter    B. chirp     C. bark     D. mew

( ) 10. Joanie __________ in pain when her father beat her.

     A. screamed   B. laughed    C. grinned    D. sang 

Fill in the blanks with the correct words. (5*1=5 marks)

11. There were many p _ _ _ _ _ _ _ at the doctor's clinic.

12。 Molly wears a b _ _ _ _ _ _ _ on her wrist。

13. I use the s _ _ _ _ _ _ to wash my hair.

14. My pet dog, Rover, lives in a k _ _ _ _ _ .

15. A baby pig is called a p _ _ _ _ _ .  

Answer the questions in complete sentence using the words in the blackets. (5*2= 10 marks) 

16。 Why is Jack crying? ( lost, wallet )


17。 What does Jenny have as a pet? ( hamster ) 


pk10开奖记录18。 What is the magician holding in his hand? ( wand )


19. Why is Victor laughing? ( Terry, tickled) 

pk10开奖记录   _________________________________________________________________

20. What is grandfather doing now? ( strolling, park )


Grammar (25 marks)

Underline the correct word in each of the brackets. (15*1= 15 marks) 

21. ( Has, Have, Are ) my friend Sophia called yet?

22. There ( is, are, am ) food on the table.

23。 Be careful of ( the, a, an ) thorns on the stem。

24。 What ( a, an, the ) interesting comic book you have!

25. "( When, Where, What ) are you coming to Singapore?" Jenny asked her pen-pal.

26. I enjoy ( help, helps, helping ) Father when he washes his car.

27. Chris and Jean ( walk, walks, walking ) to school every morning.

28。 There ( is, are, am ) seven days in a week。

29。 I put ( in, on, off ) my shoes quickly as I was late。

30. Everyone ( enjoy, enjoys, enjoying ) a good meal.

31. We ( celebrate, celebrates, celebrating ) Christmas every year.

32. The little girl ( tremble, trembles, trembled ) in fear when she saw the


pk10开奖记录33。 Every child in the playground ( is, are, am ) playing happily。

34. Mrs Lee is ( buy, buys, buying ) some salt from the grocer.

pk10开奖记录35。 ( May, Should, Must ) I borrow your book for a day? 

Rearrange the words to form correct sentences and end each sentence with a full-stop. (5*2 = 10marks) 

36. should not   You  a tree  stand   when  under  it is   raining

pk10开奖记录   ______________________________________________________________________


37. into   new  has  The   just moved   Tan family  their   apartment



38. never   any   Mary  makes   mistakes  careless  in   her work



39. the party   is  She   to   going  her friends   with



40. nibbled   the  The rats  at   cheese  cupboard  in the 



Vocabulary Cloze (8 marks)

Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the box. 











 Apart from being an (41) _________ means of transport and an (42) _________ way of keeping (43) _________, cycling is a (44) _________ with several branches, from road and track racing to BMX and (45) __________ biking. There were more (46) __________ taking part in the (47) ___________ events in the 1996 Olympic Games at Atlanta than any other sport except (48) __________ and swimming. 

Comprehension MCQ (10 marks)

Read the passage carefully. Then choose the correct answer and write its number (A,B,C or D) in the brackets. 

   Albert Schweitzer cared a lot for the poor people in Africa。 He studied medicine so that he could help the sick people in that country。 Unlike in America and Europe, there were very few doctors in Africa。 

   Dr Schweitzer gave up his comfortable life which his fortune had brought him and worked in Africa。 Initially, the natives were cautious of him as he was a while。 When they understood that Dr Schweitzer was there to help them, they assisted him to build a small hospital。 His patients travelled far to consult him about their illnesses。 As Dr Schweitzer was the only doctor in that part of Africa, he worked day and night。 Besides treating the sick, he also taught people how to help one another。

   Dr Schweitzer's great work of practising medicine in Africa encouraged other doctors and nurses to work in Africa. 

( ) 49. Albert Schweitzer was a _________.

     A。 sick person    B。 great doctor    C。 nurse   D。 poor doctor

( ) 50. Which of the following statements is true?

     A. There were few doctors in Amercia but many in Europe.

     B. There were many doctors in Africa.

     C. There were few doctors in Europe but many in America.

     D。 There were not many doctors in Africa。

( ) 51. The natives were cautious of Dr Schweitzer because he _________.

     A. was a native     

     B. was not from Africa

     C。 was white

     D。 was a doctor

( ) 52. Dr Schweitzer worked day and night because _________.

pk10开奖记录     A. his patients travelled far to see him

     B. he taught others to help one another

     C. he was the only doctor

     D. he liked to work

( ) 53. Dr Schweitzer's work __________ other doctors and nurses.

     A. inspired    B. saddened    C. angered    D. worried 

Comprehension OE (12 marks)

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow. 

   Dance can often express thoughts and feelings far better than words can. You should say that dance speaks to our eyes as music speaks to our ears. There are many different kinds of dancing. Folk dance is for celebration or ceremonies. It is usually part of a long tradition of local customs. Social dance like ballroom dance, disco and break dance is fun and informal. All types of dance have special steps and movements which must be learnt. These skills are called technique. When a dance technique is mixed with music, costume and scenery to tell a story, it is called a performance dance. 

54。 What can dance often do better than words?


pk10开奖记录55. What is the purpose of folk dance?


56. Give three examples of social dance.


57. What do you understand by the word 'technique' mentioned in the passage?


58. What is a performance dance?


59. Why is social dance enjoyable?



Guided Writing (20 marks)

Write a story based on the pictures below. You may use the words and phrases in the box.

A Burglary



sleeping soundly



phone rang


dashed out

screamed for help




pk10开奖记录  ___________________________________________________________________________











Primary 2 English

Practice 9


1. B

2。 C

3. A

4。 C

5。 A

6. A

7. B

8. C

9。 A

10. A


11. patients

12。 bracelet

13. shampoo

14。 kennel

15。 piglet

16。 He has lost his wallet。

17. She has a hamster as a pet.

18. He is holding a wand.

pk10开奖记录19。 He is laughing because Terry tickled him。

20. He is strolling in the park. 

21. Has

pk10开奖记录22。 is

23. the

24. an

25。 When

26。 helping

27. walk

28. are

29. on

30. enjoys

31. celebrate

32. trembled

33. is

34. buying

35. May

36. You should not stand under a tree when it is raining.

37. The Tan  family has just moved into their new apartment.

38. Mary never makes any careless mistakes in her work.

39。 She is going to the party with her friends。

40. The rats nibbled at the cheese in the cupboard. 

41. inexpensive

42. effective

43. fit

44。 sport

45. mountain

46. competitors

47. cycling

48. athletics


49。 B

50. D

51. C

52. C

53. A

54. Dance often express thoughts and feellings better than words.

55. Folk dance is for celebration and ceremonies.

56. Ballroom dance, disco and break dance are social dance.

57. It refers to the special steps and movements of dance.

58。 A performance dance combines a dance technique with music, costume and scenery

  to tell a story.

59。 It is fun and informal。

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