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摘要:   听力部分(20分)  一、听句子,根据其意思挑选适当答语。(5分)  ( )1. A. How are you, Sam? B. How do you do, Sam? C. Fine, thanks, Sam. And you?  ( )2. A. How d



  ( )1。 A。 How are you, Sam? B。 How do you do, Sam? C。 Fine, thanks, Sam。 And you?

  ( )2. A. How do you do?  B. Fine, thank you. C. Good morning.

  ( )3. A. It’s big. B. It’s blue. C. It’s old.

  ( )4. A. Yes, I am. B. Yes, she is. C. No, it isn’t.

  ( )5. A. I’m in Class 1. B. I’m Jane. C. I’m twelve.



  ( )1。 A。 They look the same。 B。 They are in Class 1。 C。 They are young。

  ( )2. A. He is a Chinese. B. She is an English. C. He is a student.

  ( )3. A. It’s 7:20. B. It’s 7:30. C. It’s 7:10.

  ( )4. A. John has a jacket. It’s blue. B. John’s coat is red. C. John has a brown jacket.

  ( )5. A. This is not Bob’s shirt. B. This isn’t a shirt. C. This is Bob’s shirt.



  ( )1. A. Mary is. B. Tom is. C. Mary and Tom are.

  ( )2. A. He’s Ann’s brother. B. He’s under the tree. C. He’s in a yellow shirt.

pk10开奖记录  ( )3. A. In the car. B. Under the car. C. Behind the car.

pk10开奖记录  ( )4。 A。 It’s in the room。 B。 It’s under the tree。 C。 It’s behind the tree。

  ( )5。 A。 It’s 38。 B。 It’s 39。 C。 It’s 40。



  ( )1。 A。 It’s Lucy’s。 B。 It’s Ann’s。 C。 It’s Lily’s。

  ( )2. A. It’s on the chair. B. It’s on the floor. C. It’s on the desk.

  ( )3。 A。 Yes, it is。 B。 No, it isn’t。 C。 No, it is。

  ( )4. A. Her skirt and trousers. B. Her hat. C. Her shoes.

  ( )5。 A。 On her bed。 B。 On the chair。 C。 On her desk。




  ( )1. A. clothes B. home C. hello D. sorry   ( )2. A. duty B. student C. bus D. excuse

  ( )3. A. clock B. those C. go D. coat      ( )4. A. bus B. put C. cup D. up

  ( )5. A. down B. brown C. yellow D. how   ( )6. A. desk B. next C. dress D. we

  ( )7. A. cake B. hat C. baby D. same      ( )8. A. look B. room C. school D. broom

  ( )9. A. think B. thank C. they D. three   ( )10. A. school B. Chinese C. chair D. teacher



  ( )1. My sweater is red. Mary’spk10开奖记录 is yellow.

  A. She’s B. her sweater C. Hers

  ( )2. Whose is this car?

  A. Whose car is this? B. Who’s this car? C. Whose this car is?

  ( )3. That red bike is mine.

  A。 mine bike B。 my bike C。 my

  ( )4. Tom’s desk is here. Lucy and Lily’s are over there.

  A. The twins’ B. The twins C. The twin’s

  ( )5. Is Polly a kite? No, it is a bird.

  A. kite B. cat C. Polly



  1。 Mary has two red。 _______。 (box)

  2. This pen isn’t yours. I think it’s _________. (he)

pk10开奖记录  3。 Mr Wang is a good ___________。 (work)

  4. Whose clothes are these? They are _________. (they)

  5. Miss Li is a _________ teacher. (China)

pk10开奖记录  6. We go to school at seven _________ in the morning. (clock)



  ( )1。 What’s this ______ English?

  A. on B. in C. at D. for

  ( )2。 Tom is ______ American boy。 We are in the same class。

  A. an B. a C. the D. \

  ( )3。 Please give ________ the red apple。

pk10开奖记录  A。 I B。 my C。 me D。 mine

  ( )4. “_________ old are you?” “I’m twelve.”

  A. Where B. What C. Who D. How

  ( )5. Today we have _________.

  A. new two students B. two new student C. two new students D. new students two

  ( )6. What’s that? Is it an apple _______ a pear?

  A. or B. and C. look D. of

  ( )7. How old ________ the twins?

pk10开奖记录  A. am B. is C. Are D. are

  ( )8. “________ that?” “I think it’s Sam.”

  A。 What’s B。 Who’s C。 Whose D。 Where’s

  ( )9。 Li Fang, please _______ the new students today。

  A. look after B. look the same C. look D. looks

  ( )10. ________ names are Lucy and Lily.

  A. their B. they C. Their D. Theirs

  ( )11. “Nice to meet you!” “________.”

  A. Nice to meet you, too B. How are you C. How do you do D. Thank you

  ( )12。 “Can you see my ruler?” “Sorry, _________。”

  A. I don’t B. I’m not C. I can’t D. I can

  ( )13。 “Where are the brooms?” “They are ______ the door。”

  A. under B. behind C. in D. to

  ( )14. “What’s this?” “It’s _______ egg. It’s _______ white egg.”

  A. a, an B. a, a C. an, an D. an, a

  ( )15。 “Whose watch is this?” “Let me see。 It’s my ___________。”

  A. sister B. sister’s C. sisters D. sister is



     Ⅰ            Ⅱ

  ( )1. Are you on duty today?  A. I’m 25.

pk10开奖记录  ( )2. Can’t you see it?     B. It’s brown.

  ( )3。 How old are you?     C。 That one, over there。

  ( )4. Which is my chair?    D. That’s all right.

  ( )5。 How are you?      E。 Good morning!

  ( )6. What colour is it?    F. Yes, I can.

  ( )7。 I’m sorry。 I’m late。    G。 I’m very well。

  ( )8。 Good morning!     H。 It’s Mary。

  ( )9. Who’s the girl in the car?  I. Yes, I am.



  Li Min: Hello! How are you?

  Lucy: 1.       , thank you!

  Li Min: Are you Lily?

  Lucy: No. 2.       Lucy.

  Li Min: Sorry. You 3.       Lily look 4.       5.      .

  Is Lily here, too?

  Lucy: No. she is not 6.       school today.

  Li Min: 7.      pk10开奖记录 is she?

  Lucy: She is not well today.

  Li Min: Where is she? 8.      she at home?

  Lucy: Yes, she is。

  Li Min: Look! 9.      that? That’s Lily! Hello, Lily, how 10.      you?

  Lily: I’m OK now. Thank you!


pk10开奖记录  七、按要求进行句型转换,每空一词。(10分)

  1. This is a new watch. (改为复数形式)

pk10开奖记录  ________________ _________ new ___________。

pk10开奖记录  2. They are old men. (改为单数形式)

  ______________________________ 。

  3. This is Tom’spk10开奖记录 bike. (就划线部分提问)


  4. This woman is her Chinese teacher. (就划线部分提问)

  __________ is this woman?

  5. Tom is Ann’s brother. (改为否定句)
Tom _______ Ann’s brother.



  My name is Lin Ping. I’m twenty – six, I teach English in No. 19 Middle School. I go to the school at seven in the morning. I have forty – eight students in my class. Twenty – six are boys and twenty – two are girls.

  Tom and Jim are my new students. They are twins. They look the same. They are American boys. They like English and they like Chinese, too. They are good students.

  ( )1. “How old is Lin Ping?” “He is ________.” A.24 B.36 C.26

  ( )2. Is Lin Ping an English teacher? A. Yes, he is. B. No, he isn’t. C. Yes, he isn’t.

  ( )3. Lin Ping has __________ students in his class. A.26 B.22 C.48

  ( )4. “Who are Tom and Jim?” “They are ______ boys.”

pk10开奖记录  A. English B. American C. Chinese

  ( )5。 Are they twins? A。 Yes, they are。 B。 No, they aren’t。 C。 They are good students。



  This is  1  classroom. It is a nice  2  room. The  3  are big and the walls are  4 . There is a blackboard on the wall  5  there is a map  6  the wall, too. It’s a map  7  China. There is a big desk in the classroom. It is the  8  desk. There are forty – five small (小的)  9  in the  10 . They are ours.

  ( )1. A. we C. our D. ours

  ( )2. A. big B. biger C. small D. smaller

  ( )3. A. window B. windows C. windows’ D. window’s

pk10开奖记录  ( )4. A. black B. red C. blue D. white

  ( )5. A. and B. but C. or D. so

  ( )6。 A。 for B。 of C。in D。 on

  ( )7. A. over B. of C. at D. on

  ( )8. A. teachers B. teacher C. teacher’s D. teachers’

  ( )9。 A。 desk and chairs B。 desks and chairs C。 desks and chair D。 desks or chair

  ( )10. A. classroom B. bedroom C. sitting – room D. reading – room






  一、1. Hi, Sam. How are you? (C)

  2. How do you do? (A)

  3。 What colour is your new coat? (B)

  4. Are you a student? (A)

  5. How old are you? (C)

  二、1。 Lucy and Lily are twins (A)

  2. Sam is in No. 8 Middle School. (C)

  3。 It’s half past seven now。 (B)

  4. John’s jacket is brown. (C)

  5. Bob, this shirt is not yours. (A)


  三、1. A: Is Mary on duty today?

  B: No, she isn’t. Tom’s on duty today.

  Q: Who’s on duty today? (B)

  2。 A: Excuse me, Peter。 Who’s the girl under the tree?

  B: The girl in the yellow skirt?

  A: No, the one in the green skirt。

  B: She is my sister, Ann。

pk10开奖记录  Q: Who is Peter? (A)

  3. A: What can you see in the picture, Mike?

  B: I can see a car, and Lily is behind it.

  Q: Where’s Lily? (C)

  4. A: Where is your bike? B: It’s under the tree.

  Q: Where is the boy’s bike? (B)

  5. A: What’s twenty – five and fifteen?

  B: It’s forty.

  Q: What’s twenty – five and fifteen? (C)


  四、This is Lily’s bedroom. Lily’s sweater is on the chair. Her hat is behind the door. Her trousers are on her bed. Her skirt is on the bed, too. Where are her shoes? I think they are under her bed. You can see some flowers. They are under the window. Her light is on the desk. Some books and a pencil – box are on the desk, too. Now here are the questions, please listen carefully.

pk10开奖记录  Q1. Whose bedroom is it? Q2. Where is Lily’s sweater?

  Q3。 Is her hat under the desk? Q4。 What are on her bed?

  Q5. Where is her light?

  (1。C 2。A 3。B 4。A 5。C)



  一、1。D 2。C 3。A 4。B 5。C 6。D 7。B 8。A 9。C 10。A

  二、1。C 2。A 3。B 4。A 5。C

  三、1. boxes 2. his 3. worker 4. theirs 5. Chinese 6. o’clock

  四、1。B 2。A 3。C 4。D 5。C 6。A 7。D 8。B 9。A 10。C 11。A 12。C 13。B 14。D 15。B

  五、1。I 2。F 3。A 4。C 5。G 6。B 7。D 8。E 9。H

  六、1. Fine 2. I’m 3. and 4. the 5. same 7. How 8. Is 9. Who’s 10. are

pk10开奖记录  七、1. These are watches 2. He is an old man 3. Whose bike is this 4. Who 5. isn’t

  八、1。C 2。A 3。C 4。B 5。A

  九、1.C 2.A 3.B 4.D 5.A 6.D 7.B 8.C 9.B 10.A

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